Monday, 14 April 2008

Subversion (SVN) cache is a pain in the arse

We use the Tortoise SVN client for source control and while it's a load better than using SourceSafe there is one issue that keeps coming up. In case you didn't know Subversion (SVN) will show a green tick for the files and folders that remain unchanged and red crosses to show files and folders that have been edited.

The problem is I select the folder and files with red crosses, commit to SVN, files get added but the red crosses still remain. Admittedly it doesn’t happen often but when it does there’s an easy fix – go into Task Manager and kill the TSVNCache.exe process:

TSVNCache.exe in Task Manager

The SVN folders should refresh and your green tick will come back… if it doesn’t make sure you have committed everything in that folder!


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